About Vermilion Blaze


The name is Nolitha and welcome to Vermilion Blaze Nation. This is a world where we explore social issues in different cultures around the world. The significance behind the name Vermilion Blaze is to express the passion and youthful desire to want to acquire knowledge about different social issues in order to gain knowledge about the world. Social issues such as racial issues within different cultures/countries around the world, colourism, gender inequality, the infamous slave contracts, plastic surgery, sexuality, body shaming, sexual harassment, xenophobia, clothes, food, and music! We look at these from different cultures such a KPOP (Korean POP), South African culture etc. . .This is a platform for people who love to explore and read different components of societies in order to understand the world a little better.

We get a chance to buckle our belts, take a ride and zap out into the planet of diversity.  This is a platform for people who love information to read more about it and get the mind stimulated with serious topics. This platform also serves as a safe place for people who do not know anything about other social issues in other places to get some information and edutainment.

The purpose of this  blog is NOT to bad-mouth any culture but to inform people about different cultures and to also express/write about them. We explore these different social issues to gain an understanding of different worlds and not to stay ignorant/uniformed.