BIG BANG’S T.O.P: the victim in the latest weed scandal?

image by: The Korean Herald/Asia News Network

Recent reports have revealed that T.O.P from the boyband BIG BANG was smoking weed with a trainee from another entertainment company. The problem here is that in South Korea, it is illegal to smoke weed and it is considered a drug. Reports claim that T.O.P could be facing up to 5 years in prison. 

A few years, back another member of BIG BAND (G-Dragon) was caught smoking weed at a party. He allegedly stated that he did not know he was smoking weed and that he thought it was tobacco. While that is very hard to believe, it is surprising that another member in the same group (T.O.P) would risk smoking weed knowing full well what happened with G-Dragon. T.O.P who is serving his military service for 2 years (a requirement in South Korea) has released a letter apologizing for the weed ordeal.

Fans are up in arms about the whole situation. They are blaming the girl (trainee) who was smoking weed with T.O.P. How is she the bad person in this whole situation and T.O.P the victim some have asked. She did not force him to smoke. Both of these individuals were at fault.

When there is a scandal involving a male idol and a female individual who might not be an idol – fans always are quick to jump into conclusions that the male idol is innocent and are quick to call the female all sorts of derogatory names. Yet at the same time it is these very same fans who are up in arms about gender issues and misogyny in South Korea and the KPOP industry.

Fans have also blamed South Korea about the whole weed causing people to be arrested. They say that weed is just a plant.

While weed might “just be a plant”, it is illegal in South Korea. We cannot shy away from that.

South Korea has its set of rules and regulations. International fans have no right to dictate what is legal and what is not legal in a country that is not their own. If weed is considered a drug in South Korea, then it is. Unless the government says otherwise and they consider  looking at the weed being legalized, fans who are not from South Korea will have to accept what is going on.

T.O.P broke the law in South Korean terms and he has to face the consequences and so does the female trainee.


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