I’m just a sex toy to you!

image by: Kim Lena

One of the common themes in KPOP culture is the women being sexualized. They have been referred to as “sluts” by the Sasaengs, media and the viewers/fans. The reason for this is due to the short skirts, long stockings, bras used as tops/sweaters and women rubbing themselves up against men or rubbing themselves up against  other women.

They have also been shown touching and caressing their private parts. The real issue  here is how women are being highly judged for this but the male idols when they do similar sexual things, such as groping each other and dancing sexual moves, it is considered normal. This also highlights the amount of pressure women in Korea get for their looks. The pressure is even higher for women who are in the entertainment industries.


Many of the content creators of the entertainment industry are men. It is a way of selling and objectifying women in order to satisfy the desires of men. Yes, there are a number of female fans, however the looks of the females idols and the way they conduct themselves are specifically for men.

In society, there is a high demand for women to be portrayed as innocent and dependent of men. However, men on the other hand, face less judgment and are often encouraged by the women themselves to do those sexual acts in their music videos, on stage at concerts and at fan meetings where children are present.

Another problem is that these women are being shamed by other women. This whole woman-on-woman judgments and shaming should not occur – especially if women want to fight injustices.



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