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We have all seen and heard of crazy fans from the Hollywood who constantly stalk their favourite celebrities whom they obsessively stalk on a daily basis but nothing comes close to crazy fans like Sasaeng Fans. “Saesang’ means “personal”. The reason to this is due to them knowing a lot of very personal information about their favourite celebrities. You think that’s harmless, right? No. . .

These fans have added laxatives to their favourite KPOP idol’s coffees. Yes, this happened. The idol (Himchan from B.A.P) drank the coffee and he was fine for a moment. Until he was called up to perform with his band members and some audiences noticed he was sweating excessively and it was discovered that the reason to all that and his intense sensation to go to the toilet was due to the laxatives added in his coffee. How did the coffee end up having a laxative? In South Korea which is a fairly safe country (so it seems) where celebrities receive gifts (which most of the time) are food items such as cakes, chicken and in this case, coffee. So the Sasaeng gifted the idol with coffee with the laxative. And you know the rest. . .

Broken idols’ arms are also on the menu of the Saesangs and they have even sent idols to intensive care who suffered from things such as seizures due to things being put in their coffees. One particular idol Is Yunho from TVXQ.

These fans do all this out of “love” for the idols.

One shocking incident is when one Saesang fan decided to mail her used tampon to a KPOP idol in expression of love. This is not only unhygienic but very disgusting.

Some Sasaeng have even broken into the hotels of the idols and stole their underwear.

One of the Saesang who was having sexual relations (it seems) with an idol ended up stealing the idol’s semen (don’t even ask how). People speculate she was probably trying to get herself pregnant so she can get money since the father would be a rich idol.

Another Sasaeng gatecrashed the wedding of an idol’s brother just to see the idol (Baekyhun from EXO).

These Sasaengs consists of young girls who think up sinister ways to show love to their idols, which is really sick if you think about it. Their parents are usually at work and assume that their kids are at school when they are actually not but are in fact running around South Korea chasing idols.

Lastly, another Sasaeng decided to make posters and went to a concert for her favourite boyband (EXO). On the posters it was written “RAPE ME”. Well, she wanted to be raped by her idol (Suho from EXO) who was upset after seeing the sign.

Sasaengs continue being a trending part in KPOP culture. Often other victims of these   Sasaengs are the girlfriends, boyfriends or families of these idols.



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